What Make a Good Coach

Coaching is the principle means by which people learn what makes their organizations tick, what it stands for and how they can contribute to it over time. Remember behavioral strengths and motivational forces vary from employee to employee. You have to become a leader. As leader you are a coach who is willing to empower […]

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Steps in Coaching an Employee

1. Communicating the organization’s vision, mission and goals to employees. When this foundation is not clearly in place, productivity decreases and organizational tension is elevated. Clear and consistent communication results in employees who feel connected to a purpose larger than themselves. 2. Plan the development of employees and identify employee development needs 3. Express the […]

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How to Hold an Employee Meeting

Meetings are the vehicle to build your group. They help you recruit, train, and sustain a membership base. If you get the meetings right, your group will function well and achieve long term success. Running a good meeting is simple. But most meetings are not well run. Ineffective meetings use critical resources, sap organizational energy […]

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Encouraging Employee Communication

As manager you have the responsibility to establish and administer the disciplinary procedure and to effectively handle grievances and complaints. Your actions are the major factor in determining the human relations climate in your company. Communication provides the key to successfully meeting these responsibilities. Keep your employee informed satisfies an important need. Employees get information […]

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How to Provide Constructive Criticism

Usually the goal in constructive criticism is to critique an individual so they will benefit or improve. Constructive criticism will provide feedback that enhances job results, reduces employees stress, creates psychological security and helps develop the ideal organizational climate. Now, the question is how do we give constructive criticism? Always give criticism to your employee […]

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